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Imagine yoga that begins from the heart and then moves into form, yoga that is grounded in love, and yoga that is gentle, adaptive, and listening to the body so that love finds its way into every part. That’s the space that’s held in this studio. That’s the presence Tressa brings to class. Highly recommended!

Pat Mosley


Tenderness and consideration toward others.

“the impression he left behind was one of calmness and loving-kindness”

Oxford Languages

Lovingkindness Reiki & Yoga was born out of a passion to show others that there is a place that cares about you as an individual, that will treat you with respect and will use their life experience and knowledge gained over the years to help you thrive

We believe in offering a wide variety of services that can be customized to your individual journey.

  • Private Yoga (individual, partner, special occasion and group)
  • Reiki sessions (individual, partner, special occasion and group)
  • Reiki training (all levels and online)
  • Ayurvedic oil treatments
  • Herbal workshops
  • Ayurvedic workshops

You are always celebrated for who you are!

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