A Poem of Gratitude

These hands are yours, the divine, the creator, my God

They are my instruments on loan for one lifetime

They are powered by the love you have for me

I am standing here, sharing my light with this beautiful human, what a miracle and a gift!

Oh Lord how I am blessed to rise each day knowing I am yours and I have taken up the mantel of lessening the suffering of others as mine was lessened by your grace

I lived so I could be here seated at this treatment table

I lived so I could be here to I can hold this life in my hands

I lived so I could comfort and hold space for this soul before me

This soul who is dear to me and I have so much love for

Oh Lord how I am blessed to feel your love course through me with each beat of my heart

Let this person feel our love united as it spills from my hands

At times I am overwhelmed at the joy I feel as you stand beside me!!

My heart was wrapped in what could only be described as Saran Wrap for oh so many years

Tears are infrequent, but oh do I feel!

My ribs feel like a cage, my teeth grind and my muscles hug tight to my bones

It is almost as if my whole-body cries with joy, sadness and sometimes righteous anger

But, I am grateful for this, any semblance of emotion is welcome indeed

I am the earth, I am soil, I am here to hold space and live my life with joy and abundance!

Hari Om!!!

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