Road Blocks: Ignorance, Faith & Self Doubt

It occurred to me after speaking with several people this week including my dearest friend, indeed most marriages don’t last as long as our friendship, that there are many out there that believe they are complete fakers, frauds and they really don’t have that special something that would bring value to this world. In truthContinue reading “Road Blocks: Ignorance, Faith & Self Doubt”

Anjali Mudra—Prayer Position, Portable Calm at Your Fingertips

When you think of Yoga, I am sure many of you are thinking of a super bendy person wearing form fitting leggings sitting in a position that you might need a doctor after trying to get into. Now, let’s examine the Yogi sitting in their pretzel pose, what are they doing with their hands? TheyContinue reading “Anjali Mudra—Prayer Position, Portable Calm at Your Fingertips”

Moving Beyond Overwhelm

How to Self-Soothe Over the last week I have seen the people closest to me struggle with so many manifestations of anger such as frustration, disappointment, fear, depression, anxiety, feeling unworthy and unloved. What a helpless feeling it is when you are standing in front of them and literally loving them with all your heart,Continue reading “Moving Beyond Overwhelm”