Triad Community Reiki Association

The Triad Community Reiki Association is a local group of Reiki Practitioners whose mission it is to:

Create a united and supportive Reiki community, we never want you to feel alone!

Uphold high standards of training and practice

Provide a directory of local Reiki Practitioners

Raise awareness of the benefits of Reiki

Offer Distance Reiki Services to those in need

What are the benefits?

  • Participation in Outreach Opportunities as part of a professional organization
  • Name listing on website under member registry
  • Monthly Reiki Shares
  • Professional credibility for yourself and your healing practice
  • Membership Badge for display on your website & social media
  • Reiki News, Updates & Notices
  • Access to Resources, Forms & Support
  • Discounts on continuing education opportunities

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