Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Training

We offer individual AND group Level I, II & Advanced Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Training

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What’s Included in Your Reiki Training?

Textbooks are included in Reiki training

Manuals, books, hand-outs

Activities, meals, hands-on practice

Attending Reiki training can be overwhelming,we totally get it. It is hard to focus on all the new material you are given; therefore, you will receive plenty of handouts and a manual.

The training will include meditations, a fun and interactive lecture, Reiki activities and hands on practice.

You can bring your own lunch or, if you wish, one will be provided for you. We will have water and tea available. In addition, you will also be given information on legalities and the business of Reiki.

Women receiving a Reiki attunement

Holy Fire® Reiki Placements (formerly called attunements)

The Holy Fire® energy conducts the placement directly. This can be a profound and uniquely meaningful experience for you.

Everyone is born with this ability to work with the universal life force energy or prana. After your placement you will be able to perform Reiki on yourself, your pets, plants, friends, family and if you wish, your own Reiki clients.

Each level of Reiki has its own placement and each experience is unique to the individual.

Holding hands. You will feel connected after training.

Lifelong Mentorship

Before your training you have the option to receive 1 FREE Reiki session with your Tressa. This is a great way to begin building a rapport with your instructor and receive Reiki, maybe for the first time.

After your Reiki training you will have the choice to reach out to Tressa at any point along your journey.

Some of the levels can bring about significant change and unresolved issues might arise; therefore free mentorship is always available to you.

Prices vary-please call us for a consultation

(Payment plans are available-contact us to discuss your options)

Reiki I & II Group training Dates: TBD

Let us guide you along your journey…

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