What is Reiki?


Do you need relief from stress or anxiety? Do you have chronic pain? Does it feel like something is off or out of balance?

  • Reiki is a Japanese holistic healing system that helps re-calibrate the non-physical energy field that flows around the body.
  • Reiki practitioners use hands-on healing through which “universal energy” is transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the client in order to encourage emotional and/or physical healing.
  • Reiki energy is intuitive and it goes where it needs to go without any guidance from the practitioner or client.
  • It is a safe, gentle, non-invasive healing technique, which is complimentary to any medical treatment by stimulating the body’s own natural healing process.
  • Reiki has no side effects, reduces stress and promotes deep relaxation.
  • Reiki is a spiritual practice that complements any particular faith to promote physical and emotional healing


Reiki Council-Intro to Reiki

What is Reiki? Torsten A. Lange



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